Final project

Assignment instructions:

Media and Digital Lab: Final project

In your main group, break up into two subgroups. In your sub-group, brainstorm and agree upon ONE topic to present as your final project. Your sub-group must be made up of people from different countries. As soon as you’ve decided, please notify either Lubna or May, who will be keeping a list.

The topic MUST be related to media literacy, such as: media ownership, propaganda, representations of gender/race, digital activism, etc. Make sure it is narrow, specific, and focuses on the Arab world (specifically your own countries).

Your final projects should be comprised of two components:

  1. Research essay component

This part should include your analysis and references (to support your argument). It doesn’t have to be long, between 500 and 750 words (1000 maximum). It should include citations for sources.

  1. Multi-media component
    We prefer you create a SoundSlide presentation but you may use other digital media if you know how and have the equipment.

Make sure to rehearse your presentation and be ready to present in front of the group on Tuesday morning. Each subgroup will have FIVE minutes to present.

Links to completed assignments:

1. Kafaa Msaed & Fahed Akroush: kafaa and fahed final paper.docx
2. Mohamad Al Kalas & Fares Al Hajj: final paper.docx
3. Farah Maraqa, Qais Qazaz & Rama Kourieh: The role of Digital Activism in covering the News.docx
4. Haydar Homzoz, Leen Issa & Fatima Al-Masry: النشاط الرقمي في البلاد العربية.pdf
5. Pina Goussoub & Joudi Salha: Pina& Joudy (1).doc
6. Christina Aoun, Zeina Merhi & Maream-Jenna Nabut: Final Presentation MDLAB 2013.docx
7. Mohammad Khraisat, Batoul Karbijha, Aya Alalayan & Fahed Akroush: