Assignment 4: Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Tools, Media Literacy, and Education

MDLAB 2013 Web 2.0 Assignment

1. Each group will research and choose two Web 2.0 applications to present. The applications

should be ones that are applicable and useful for education and/or media literacy.

2. Prepare a 10 minute presentation*—5 minutes for each application—including the following:

  • A one-minute introduction about the application specifying its name, creators, where/how to acquire it, how much it costs, and what it does.
  • A two-to-three-minute demonstration of what it does. If the demo is likely to take more than 2-3 minutes, provide an example of an output (along with the original file if applicable).
  • A one-minute discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of this application and possible future uses and impacts on society. Who is likely to use this and how, particularly for the purposes of education and media literacy?
  • Do not use PowerPoint for this. Instead, demonstrate and show the actual application.
  • Be prepared to answer questions after the presentation.

*Each group should choose two people to deliver the presentation