Assignment 2: Pinterest

Comparing news magazine covers and Pinterest

MDLAB 2013 Magazine Images Assignment


  1. Create a Pinterest account (see instructions below)
  2. As a group, choose a recent current event, country, or regional issue
  3. Search for two news magazine covers that focus on topic your group has chosen
  4. Create a pinboard and pin the images of the covers with your critique to your account
  5. Then, also pin your images and critique on the pinboard titled “MDLAB 2013: Comparing News Magazine Covers”
  6. In the description box, critique, compare, and contrast the covers using the guiding questions:
  • What is the topic/story? Who/what is being portrayed?
  • Discuss the person or situation being portrayed (gender, age, attire, camera angle, colors, lighting, body position, background)
  • What is the context of the image (is it evident or implied)?
  • Talk about the headline/photo caption: do they change or influence the meaning of the image?
  • Are there any emotions revealed in this image? Does the image provoke any emotions?
  • Ask yourself: What are the underlying values, ideologies, messages and stereotypes embedded in this image?
  • Reflect on what the image “means” to you… and consider how others might interpret the photograph differently.
  • Offer an alternative idea for an image. One that you think would better reflect the story.

Some pointers…

  • Pinterest has a 500 character limit for each image description, so try to be concise
  • If you need to continue, you can write in the comments section below the pin
  • Focus on critique, contrast, and comparison—avoid simple description


How to set up a Pinterest account:

  1. Go to and signup either via your Facebook account or with your email address.
  2. You will get a confirmation email from Pinterest. Make sure you confirm before you proceed to use Pinterest.
  3. Go to and scroll down until you see the following:pinit1You can either install the “Pin It” button (only for Chrome) or click on the “Pinterest Bookmarklet”, which will allow you to drag and drop a “Pin It” bookmark onto your bookmarks bar (for all browsers).
  4. You are now ready to start pinning images. You can either create new pins by visiting any webpage and clicking on the “Pin It” button, or search within Pinterest and “re-pin” other images.
  5. Once you click on the “Pin It” bookmarklet, the page will refresh and all the images from that webpage will show up. Hover your cursor over whichever image you want to pin and click the “Pin It” icon.
  6. A window will pop up that allows you to modify the description of the image (500 character limit) and choose what board you want to pin the image to. You can either create a new board or pin it to an already existing board. You also have the option to re-pin, edit your pin, or send your pin to other people via email:pinit2
  7. In order to pin to a group/shared board, the creator of the board must invite other pinterest users to pin to that board. Go to “Your Boards” and then click on the Edit icon:pinit3
  8. You will then be able to specify who can pin by inviting them either using their name or email (email is easier!)
  9. The other users will need to accept the invitation by going to the notification icon (looks like a chat bubble next to the username).
  10. Users will then be able to repin their existing images onto a group board following the same process as above, choosing the group board from the drop down menu in the popup window.