Assignment 1: Curation

Assignment instructions:

Digital media literacy and Storify: Critical thinking and curation in an age of hypermedia

1. Divide into groups of 3.
2. Create a group Storify account.
3. As a group, choose a recent news event with global impact.
4. Curate a Storify and make sure there is a coherent structure with analysis.
5. Prepare a brief presentation that includes your Storify, as well as the findings
and insights from your curation experience.
6. Present to group on Tuesday morning at 9 am.

Links to completed assignments:

1. David Ibrahim:
2. Joudi Salha:
3. George Rishan:
4. Ramz Sahuri:
5. Leen Issa:
6. Rama Kourieh:
7. Dina Agha:
8. Group one:
9. Qais Qazaz:
10. Meray Aboud:
11. Mohammed Bassiki:
12. Batoul Karbijha:
13. Homzoz:
14. Sandra Whitehead:
15. Kafaa Msaed:
16. Faidel Al-Badarani:
17. Fatima Al-Masry:
18. Hamoud Al-Mahmoud:
19. Christina Aoun:
20. Pina Goussoub:
21. Meream Nabbout: